Galen Murdock Speaks to Graduating MBA Class on ‘Embracing Uncertainty’

WIN_20161114_12_40_00_Pro (2)Galen Murdock, CEO of Veracity Solutions which provides agile software development solutions, presented to a full classroom of MBA students and professors at the University of Utah November 14th. The students actively participated, with questions and post presentation follow up. ‘Embracing Uncertainty’ is the challenge for oneself to jump feet first into the unknown and to seek it without being governed by the fear of what cannot be controlled. This topic resonated for many in attendance given the fact that most will be starting their careers in the tech/software industry at some of the nation’s largest companies upon graduation.A large portion of the presentation was spent on explaining how one uses different methodologies for problem solving and mapping when confronted with obvious or complicated problems versus complex or chaotic problems. Time was spent on a Q&A session allowing the students to reiterate the topics they thought most important or unclear which gave insight for many to understand the applicable nature of the main topic discussed. ‘Embracing Uncertainty’ has been presented multiple times across the country over the past 18 months to executive teams and peer groups alike. Galen & Veracity Solutions continue to seek out, influence and encourage all makers of software through thought leadership opportunities such as this. Galen founded Veracity Solutions in 1998 and has focused on providing agile software development solutions expertise, as well as management and mentoring to transform development organizations into high performance teams ever since.

Accept What’s Unknown

Galen Murdock, CEO of Veracity Solutions which provides agile development solutions, illustrates how accepting the unknown in software development teaches us to approach green and blue problems with different methods. He explains the order of certainty to uncertainty, from obvious and complicated to complex and chaotic. Watch this video and understand why it’s okay to accept the unknown and how to work within it. 

How to Recognize Uncertainty

Follow along as Galen Murdock, CEO of Veracity Solutions which provides agile software solutions,  speaks about different processes of recognizing, validating and working through the uncertainty in software development from his August 2016 Utah Technology Council TechLunch keynote address. Through his company Veracity Solutions, Galen Murdock has vast experience consulting with software companies from Fortune 100 to startups to create market-driven web, mobile, native and cloud applications. Veracity Solutions also helps their clients by helping to provide them with agile software solutions. Listen to how a lean startup can help turn guesses into knowledge by framing the problem in addition to building the idea to help validate your hypothesis. Discover the principles of going from a vague design to a finished product by learning, pivoting and making course corrections.

The Elephant and the Rider

Learn to distinguish between your emotional and analytical sides in this clip from Galen Murdock’s presentation on Embracing Uncertainty given at the Utah Technology Council Tech Lunch on August 10, 2016. Galen Murdock is the current CEO of Veracity Solutions. Veracity is a company which provides deep agile and other software development expertise, as well as management and mentoring to transform development organizations into high performance teams.Galen dives into some of the personal experiences in the sme software industry he has had using Jonathan Haidt’s description of the Elephant & the Rider.   

Veracity Solutions Sponsors UTC Tech Lunch on Embracing Uncertainty 

  Galen-2IMG_0126 IMG_0097
   On August 10th, Veracity Solutions, a software development company, hosted the Utah Technology Council’s (UTC) Tech Lunch at Noah’s in South Jordan, UT. Veracity’s CEO, Galen Murdock, provided lunch and gave a presentation to a packed room on the topic of embracing uncertainty. His key points were: 
  • Practicing awareness– by practicing mindfulness, understanding the space between stimulus and response, and differentiating between our emotional and rational selves, we gain greater awareness.
  • Accepting what’s unknown– There are many things that are uncertain or unknown. The unknown or uncertain cannot be managed by the same methods and processes as the known or certain. By understanding the differences and applying different methodologies, we can optimize the results.
  • Experimenting with confidence– Since the outcome with uncertainty cannot be guaranteed, we interact with uncertainty, instead of controlling it. This is done with experimentation that creates knowledge, which in turn brings greater certainty to be applied.
 Based on Galen’s experience in software development and in the SME software industry, he shared how these principles are applied with software companies and software-enabled companies through Veracity’s blendsourcing model that provides leadership, mentoring and hands-on expertise.Veracity Solutions helps SME software development companies release better products in less time through a unique management and mentoring approach that transforms development groups into high performance teams.  
To see an overview of the slides that were shared at the event, please see below.  
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