How to Leverage Agile Practices to Maximize DevOps Success

It’s time to dispel the idea that agile and DevOps are somehow independent of each other. After all, DevOps was born out of the Agile infrastructure and Agile operations lean movement.  

If anything, Agile helps us cultivate a team, department, and organization for easier adoption of DevOps principles, processes, and practices (the 3 P’s). Join us as we identify the most appropriate aspects of the agile methodology that facilitates a DevOps culture, and learn how to implement them within our organizations.  

Damian Dingley

Consultant @ Veracity Solutions

As a seasoned Agile Coach with Veracity Solutions, Damien Dingley has a deep understanding of the relationship between human interaction and technology. Originally from the UK, Dingley earned his Master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction and AI from De Monfort University, combining his passions for psychology, computer science, and artificial intelligence.  

Since that time, Dingley has developed intelligent diagnostic tools for organizations like Gateway Foodmarkets in the UK and Rolls-Royce. He also contributed to a startup, TSL, Inc. Working on breakthrough technology known as ESBD (Electron Backscatter Diffraction.) 

Now, Dingley sits on the Innovation Team at Veracity, creating DevOps technology that focuses on Agile components. With his expert knowledge of software engineering, software design, architecture, and the science of human interaction, Dingley has brought his field as an Agile coach to a new standard.