Tooling Agile: Part One

Veracity's very own Damian Dingley will walk through the types of tools any Agile organization can utilize as well as sharing his favorites. You can expect some strong feelings about his favorite tools and you are more than welcome to disagree.

Remember, Agile is about simplicity. You probably don't need every type of tool, but maybe you know your team could improve backlog management or how you measure performance.

There are hundreds and hundreds of tools out there so: start small, keep it simple, and join Damian for an overview of how to tool Agile.

A transcript is available here.

Damian Dingley

Organizational Agility Practice Lead @ Veracity Solutions

Damian Dingley's infectious enthusiasm to help change organizational culture can be demonstrated across multiple organizations within the United States and abroad. From emerging startups struggling to stay on track to corporations needing to understand an ever-changing market and technology environment. With a background in software engineering, working for companies such as Rolls Royce Aviation in the UK and EDAX Scientific Instrumentation in the US these past 10 years have seen Damian focus on better ways to deliver the product. With Veracity Solutions and the application of Agile, Lean UX and DevOps, tuning these platforms to the specific needs of the organization is key, along with surfacing the results of change through critical business-value metrics.