Katie Frank

Katie is the Content Marketing Manager for Veracity Solutions. She's a customer-centric marketer with a passion for storytelling, travel, and cats.

What is a Data-Driven Business?

In this post, we’ll cover the definition, characteristics, challenges, and benefits of being a data-driven business as well as the steps to becoming a data-driven business by using data to improve performance and inform strategy and decision-making.

What is Kubernetes?

We can’t talk about Digital Transformations or Cloud-Native Security without talking about Kubernetes.

What is Cloud Native Security?

Of course, you care about security! We all care about security these days. Even people who still try to get away with using ‘password!’ as a password care about security — they care whether they can access their account, but not about who else can access their account.

What is Digital Transformation?

Okay. I’m doing it. I’m stepping out and admitting that “Digital Transformation” sounds vague and is reminiscent of start-up culture lingo that might mean nothing (I’ve seen it before, folks!). To be even more transparent, I didn’t understand it when I interviewed for this job and now, almost 11 months in, I feel I’m only beginning to grasp it because there isn’t an absolute definition.

Can Everyone Utilize Agile? Absolutely.

This post is a companion to our webinar: Appetite for Agile. Scott Heffield, our SVP of Operations and one of our resident SAFe Agilists, will whet your appetite for Agile even if you're not on a development or even a technical team. He's going to flip the script on the Agile Manifesto and look at its principles through the lens of cooking in your home kitchen. Scott will demonstrate that the Agile principles can be applied across multiple domains and disciplines.