Lonnie Buchanan

Chief Architect and Executive Security Director

Fed's scrutiny of telehealth startups a benefit to industry

A joint investigation by both the U.S. Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Agency into a pair of telehealth startups might be the best thing to happen to virtual medicine since its inception.

A Response to TechRepublic's 'How to Beef up Your Multi-Cloud Security'

A few weeks ago, TechRepublic posted an article about "how to beef up your multi-cloud security." A Valtix study found that IT leaders believe "employees lack the necessary skills to manage multi-cloud security." 95% of survey respondents said they're prioritizing multi-cloud in 2022. However, only 54% said they feel confident that they have the tools and skills necessary to achieve this goal. More than 75% believe that multi-cloud operations are underfunded at...

The Future's Technological Heart of Glass

Some ancient cultures believed the heart was the center of an individual. They believed the characteristics that make someone who they are, comes from the heart. In terms of a modern-day computer, the information it contains represents the distinctiveness of that technology. What is contained in that machine, makes it unique. The storage mechanisms, or more specifically, the hard drive is its heart.

A World with AI Sound

In a world bombarded with sights and sounds, those who struggle to hear are often left behind. Those of you who know me understand hearing loss is something I find deeply interesting, especially hearing loss in children. More on that in a little while.