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Fast Company Executive Board is an invitation-only professional organization of leaders who share a commitment to shaping the future of business.

SALT LAKE CITY — October 18, 2021 — Lonnie Buchanan, Chief Architect and Executive Security Director for Veracity Solutions, has been accepted into Fast Company Executive Board, an invitation-only professional organization of leaders who share a commitment to shaping the future of business.


Lonnie’s selection is an acknowledgment of his expertise and proven track record in cloud technology and enterprise transformation. As a member, Lonnie joins industry-leading peers from the worlds of corporate leadership, design, media, entertainment, technology, social responsibility, marketing, advertising, social impact, and nonprofit.

Scott Gerber, founder of Fast Company Executive Board, said, "We are pleased to accept Lonnie Buchanan into the Fast Company Executive Board. When leaders gather in curated, private settings, they can collaborate and create new business opportunities across a broad range of industries. Lonnie brings valuable professional insights and accomplishments to this group.” 

As part of Fast Company Executive Board, I am extremely happy to be part of a progressive and forward-thinking group of individuals who are committed to sharing their knowledge and talent with others,” said Buchanan. 

Lonnie is excited to share insights with IT and business leaders in highly regulated industries, where compliance and security are key.

“Over the years I have spent extensive amounts of time in the healthcare and utilities spaces, including considerable experience consulting at the executive level,” he said. “As part of that involvement, my background covers the unique understandings of those domains, along with widespread participation in industry-leading technological advances and innovation programs. It is my desire to be able to provide input from multiple professional segments with an intense focus on technology advancements, but also contribute to the advancement of successful modern business practices and decision-making activities.”

Fast Company Executive Board members receive access to a dedicated online platform designed to foster connections and information sharing. Through lively discussions, virtual events, and online meetups, Lonnie and peers will help one another solve business challenges and celebrate successes.  

Lonnie will be publishing relevant professional insights on Some specific areas of focus will be innovation, creativity, world-changing ideas, work-life balance, and social impact. You can read his first contribution on honing presentation techniques here.

Members can participate in Expert Panel® discussions that are compiled into easy-to-read articles with the latest industry thinking from a diverse group of experts. In addition, members have exclusive access to business coaching opportunities and top-quality, exclusive deals.

Founded in 2021, Fast Company Executive Board is a private, vetted professional organization that gives its members a unique, industry-leading peer group.

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Veracity Solutions is an IT consultancy and services provider that helps companies accelerate digital transformation. Companies turn to Veracity Solutions to leverage cloud-native development approaches, augmented with DevOps methodologies and advanced data platforms. We specialize in aiding highly-regulated enterprises with stringent compliance and security standards, making us the ideal partner for those in healthcare and life science, financial services, energy, government, and education.

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