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Your Business Intelligence Journey Starts Here

In just ten questions, our online assessment helps you understand what your organization is doing right, how you're currently utilizing data insights, and discover areas for improvement.

This assessment covers :

  • Data ownership
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Reliance on data
  • Data governance
  • BI and data strategy
  • Data management

Business Intelligence Maturity Model

Our team of data science experts go in-depth, showing you how successful organizations level up with data and insights.

This complimentary eBook breaks down our proprietary Business Intelligence Maturity Model, detailing step-by-step the people and processes that help advance BI into a key component of the data-driven business.

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level up your business intelligence

A Guide to BI Success

Veracity Solutions Data Studio Partner Michael Thurston walks you through the BI Maturity Model, highlight specific use cases, and shares real-world examples of how customers have leveraged data as part of their digital transformation strategy.

This on-demand webinar explains how to:

  • Generate top-down support for data and reporting initiatives
  • Optimize current investment in BI
  • Greatly reduce the time it takes to generate reports
  • Broaden access to data beyond a single team or person
  • Drive greater performance and customer satisfaction

Use Our Digital Transformation Gameboard

Highlight your prioritized capabilities for the next turn in the journey.   


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