Software Development Challenges & Solutions

Challenges & Solutions

Software development teams are often plagued with release delays, missed expectations, cost overruns, and failed projects. This wreaks havoc on revenue, takes a toll on trust and morale within the group, and jeopardizes future initiatives. Many companies attempt to solve these issues by hiring outsourced workers to fill headcount gaps. Adding headcount to broken systems or processes can often accentuate weaknesses. Here are the most common challenges companies face, and where Veracity can assist.

Most Common Software Development Challenges

Strategy Lacks Clarity

Your product strategy is where it all begins. Have you clearly defined your customers and their use cases? What are the key decisions that need to be made? What are the criteria for your MVP? What is the best platform and methodology for developing your software? These and many other questions need to be answered to have a clear path to execution. Without clarity, time and resources can be wasted.


Veracity can provide guidance that will save time and money in the long run. Because of our broad experience in healthcare and other industries, we can  provide best practices that have been used successfully in other companies, as well as practices we’ve developed from our experience

Product is Unstable

Many times, because of software enhancements, bug fixes, or plain bad code, your software becomes unstable. This instability creates an inferior customer experience, leads to downtime and emergencies, and could even cause data integrity issues. Veracity can assist with assessing your current software, and clean up your current code, or start from scratch, whichever is best for you.

User Experience is Inferior

Simplicity is elegance. When software looks good, is easy to use, and intuitive for the user, it creates a favorable user experience. If the user experience is poor, it’s likely that the software won’t be used as needed, or if the software is mandated, customers have a negative experience.


Veracity can help do more than create a beautiful design. We can evaluate current user experience and provide recommendations for improvement. We can help you create a superb experience for your customers through both workflow and design. Once approved, Veracity can assist with implementation and validation of the user experience.

Adopt New Technologies

A new software platform can allow you to expand into new business opportunities and reach new clients. In the case of mobile applications, a new platform allows you to serve your current clients with greater flexibility. Veracity can assist in expanding to a new platform, as well as evaluating your current platform so that the platform is refined and enhanced.

Launch New Product

As you prepare to launch the development of a new product, there are items that are uncertain, such as key technical risks, roadmap priorities, and validation of the product strategy. Veracity has been involved in hundreds of software launches across multiple industries and has developed best practices in systems and processes to provide a more successful product launch. We can offer a lean inception process that assists in preparing, prioritizing, and planning your product launch.

Deadlines are at Risk

Releasing software on time impacts return on investment. Sometimes, meeting deadlines is simply a matter of adding expertise in the right positions. Other times, it’s assessing your priorities to determine if you can redefine your minimal viable product. Either way, Veracity can help you meet your deadline.

Team Performs Poorly

At times, teams don’t perform as well as we’d like. This may be caused by an influx of new team members, or it could be that some processes and methodologies are outdated or not followed. Whether you are looking for Agile experts or simply want the team to work better together, Veracity can blendsource the right experts into your team to lift the skillset and improve performance.

“You are a world class developer, teammate, and problem solver. I know I am better for having worked with you and appreciate you always reaching out and challenging me to make the best product possible.”

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