IT leaders are on a constant mission to bring value to their organization. But outdated and inflexible systems often hold us back. DevOps focuses on increasing speed and efficiency to not only improve IT but create positive outcomes for your business as a whole.

What is DevOps?

Each year, an estimated $500 billion dollars go to waste due to inefficiencies in the workplace. (DevOps Handbook, 2016)

DevOps focuses on eliminating bottlenecks, removing inefficiencies, and shifting culture to help organizations reach their full potential. Use DevOps to:

  • Yield faster deployment
  • Increase the speed of recovery
  • Unlock room for innovation
  • Reduce risk
  • Dimish cultural divides
  • Improve customer experiences
  • Increase employee retention and satisfaction

A Holistic DevOps Approach

Contrary to popular belief, DevOps is not just a set of tools to be adopted, nor is it a “quick fix”. Successful DevOps involves the holistic adoption of many unique components that work in harmony to achieve positive business outcomes. A holistic DevOps strategy should include:

  1. Culture & Organization
  2. Lean & Agile Practices
  3. System & Data Architecture
  4. Continuous Delivery
  5. Observability
  6. Infrastructure & Operations

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