First, Get the Data

Are you gathering the readily available data on your customer interactions? In your products? On the web? What are you measuring? How has it changed? Is your team capable of gathering and analyzing all of the data? Is your current application architecture a roadblock? 

Then, Improve CX

Customer experience exists at every touchpoint. On your website, in your product, within social media, and through a voice assistant. Which project will have the biggest impact on your most important measure of customer experience? 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track the impact of my customer experience projects?

Data gathering and insight against metrics is half of the digital transformation effort when it comes to customer experience. A big cultural shift that may be required is customer-centricity. Viewing or defining new metrics based upon the customer's perspective instead of the organization's internal perspective of the customer. With that mindset, you can start to look at the data with a lens for how it can help solve more of the customer's problem. Insurance companies are a great example of this, where historically as an industry they have been focused on mitigating corporate risk with teams of actuaries, today they are applying data science to all of the historical claim data to try and predict specific events for their customers ahead of time. 

The other half of this transformation is setting up the systems and tools required to provide a real-time update on customer experience throughout all interaction channels. The cloud enables much of this capability, and there are many existing tools that can be leveraged in addition to custom software development. 

What is customer-centricity?

Literally, customer-centricity is a mode of operation, a philosophy, and a mindset that places the customer at the center of all business decisions. It is both a technical data driven discipline, and a psychological shift to consider the impact on the customer when making changes inside out outside of an organization. Further, it is being proactive in measuring the impact of a circumstance outside of the organizations control that could impact the customer. Much of this is driven off of the petabytes of data available today and the complex algorithms and neural networks that can be built to predict outcomes. 


Isn't customer experience just a website thing?

No! While many of the tools in the last 10 years have focused on gathering survey level insights from customers through annoying pop-ups, today we have the opportunity to gather data through much less intrusive means. We don't want to discount the value of direct response survey with your customers, but we do want to recognize potential bias in that response and use other data to paint a bigger picture of the customer that helps us serve them better. 

How do we start working with Veracity Solutions?

You've probably seen the Free Expert Hour buttons all over the website. An hour with one of our experts to talk through what you need help with will help both of us understand whether or not the partnership is a good fit. When you click the button you'll be taken directly to a calendar to book some time with us. We'll then have a team member reach out to make sure we get the right experts on that call. 

If you can't find a slot in that calendar early enough for you, then just give us a call at +1 (888) 605-2266 and we will work out a better time. 

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Is Veracity Solutions a software development company?

In part, yes! Software development is a big part of how we help our clients through a business transformation - including a mindset shift toward customer-centricity. We have over 20 years of history delivering major software development projects for both product teams and IT teams. In fact, it's from this 20 year history that we've pulled our consulting framework to help clients navigate challenging business transformation beyond a typical software development project. It's too easy for both parties to meet and jump right into a requirements document. We've learned that there is always a business outcome that the software project is trying to support - so we take the time to make sure that the design, build, and long term maintenance plan for the software project aligns with the desired business outcome. We've also learned that some software projects exist to create a capability that other applications need - and in those cases the transformation cost is incredibly high as you take your own resources off of another value creating project when the application under development will just be consumed as a service by another application. We think we should do whatever we can to help you avoid pushing pause on value creation - and in some cases that means we should be building and maintaining the entire project for you while training your team on how to live in the future post-transformation. 


What is a business transformation?

Business transformations are typically centered around the adoption of a new technology or new way of doing business that can fundamentally change the value chain from your internal operations through to your customer experience. This can include a mindset shift toward customer-centricity. The cloud has been the most common driving force behind many business transformations in the last five years. The ability for organizations to develop software applications that can provide greater insight into operations, help there customers do more, and accelerate time to a business outcome has changed how leadership can think about different classes of business problems. 


What services does Veracity Solutions offer outside of software development?

Outside of the design, build, and run aspects of a software development project, Veracity also offers a wide range of training and consulting services centered around how technology is used and developed within your organization. From agile training to devops training, technology vendor assessment and selection, M&A due diligence and integration, and interoperability projects - we've seen a lot of gaps to be filled by our team and community of industry veterans. Not sure if we have experience with the road ahead of you? Let's schedule a time and an expert to talk through it. 


Does Veracity Solutions work with startups?

"Startup" is a difficult term to define in today's world. We've worked with well funded high growth startups who are either selling a software product or who use software heavily to enable their business operations. We are always willing to have a conversation if you are not sure where to go. If it's not a good fit, we have some friends we can connect you with. 


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