Leading Through the Unknown


When leading a digital transformation or launching a new product, we often expect the world to be orderly and predictable.  We over-analyze and over-plan, and then wonder why our budgets are over-run and products are overdue.  Do we just need better planning and analysis?  A better expert to tell us the answers? 

According to Veracity Founder, Galen Murdock, it's time we took a different approach. If we can create a strategy for extreme uncertainty -- one based on experimentation, innovation and the scientific method-- we can replace fear with confidence, making uncertainty something we seek out, or even embrace.  Join us for a webinar Thursday, November 21 to discuss:

  • How to tell when you're facing high uncertainty

  • How to manage expectations of risk while still taking responsibility for meaningful outcomes

  • What experiment-driven methods to apply so you can lead, design and build with confidence

  • How to integrate these methods with traditional agile strategy and development


Galen Murdock

Founder and Chairman, Veracity Solutions

Galen Murdock is the founder and Chairman of Veracity Solutions, with over 20 years’ experience building world-class teams, innovative solutions, and profitable companies in healthcare, finance, and education. Since founding Veracity Solutions in 1998, Galen has served as a software architect, Agile coach, mentor, and leader for countless organizations, as well as a valued advisor for several software companies and universities. Most recently, Galen played a vital role as CTO of Lumeris, guiding strategic transformation, forming powerful partnerships, and contributing to Population Health Product Development. Those who know Galen have described him as a “strategist, technologist, mentor, and friend,” with the ability to connect both intellectually and on a personal level. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his sweetheart Danielle and their four children.