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Gartner Predictions for 2020: Assessing Your Gameplan

Join us in reviewing some of our favorite Gartner predictions for 2020 and how they can shine a spotlight on your technology gameplan as we enter a new decade. 

Stay on the leading edge.

Technology leaders in financial services are experienced digital innovators.

Despite operating in a highly regulated industry we've seen banks, insurance companies, fintech, and other financial services firms break through early technology adoption barriers with high levels of success for their clients and their business. 

No other industry recognizes the real mindset, and investment required to continually push through boundaries and use technology as a competitive advantage.

Finish your digital transformation foundation.

Natural innovators can benefit from taking a step back and shoring up defenses.

As financial services companies continue to push ahead with technology, many are at risk of outrunning culture, technology, or process. While critical projects can justify a stretch it is important to maintain the elastic nature of your digital transformation by investing in areas that will need to be available for the next big initiative. 

Our Tips for CIOs in Finance and Banking provides a few quick considerations as you take a step back and prepare for the next push. 

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Tips for CIOs in Finance and Banking

Challenges and recommendations for CIOs and other technology leaders in financial services. 

Areas of Emphasis for Financial Services

Staying in the lead with confidence.

Top technology organizations in financial services are thinking about these three key areas of their business and technology infrastructure. 


AI and Machine Learning

Building the internal capabilities required to apply AI and ML to real business outcomes. 


Security in the Cloud

Laying the foundation for more digital innovation with a secure home for all of your sensitive data. 


New Cloud Services

Leveraging new cloud services that can add value to your digital transformation initiative. 

Use Our Digital Transformation Gameboard

Highlight your prioritized capabilities for the next turn in the journey.   


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