Chef and Veracity are Teaming Up to Talk About HIPAA Compliance and Information Security in Software Development

HIPAA compliance is a key part of the digital transformation journey for healthcare payers and providers. Understanding a little history and context for HIPAA can help your organization make key decisions as you approach new technology projects that can optimize your existing business model, and especially as you create new business models.

As a Chef partner, we are excited to team up to talk about continuous compliance in today's world, and how you can prepare for the future evolution of HIPAA regulation. 

Join us on to learn how to: 

  • Detect and correct security issues across your infrastructure (on-prem or in the cloud)
  • Rapidly gain and maintain constant visibility into your infrastructure security status
  • Automate security compliance to eliminate risk and deliver software that is secure and compliant by design

Galen Emery

Lead Compliance Architect @ Chef Software


Lonnie Buchanan

Chief Architect and Executive Security Director @ Veracity Solutions