Making a Case for Agile in the Modern IT World


Agile has become one of the most polarizing concepts in our modern IT world. For every advocate that sings its praises, there seems to be a challenger ready to defend their cause 

Just last month, Veracity SVP Scott Heffield was published on for his rebuttal to “The End of Agile,” a feature that challenged the validity of Agile in our modern world.  

Through Heffield’s 30+ years of software development experience, Agile coaching, and leadership, he’s seen countless successes that make him a believer in Agile and argues that those who don’t see it’s effectiveness might, in fact, not be doing Agile at all.  

Join us as he makes his case in defense of Agile and confronts the common debates that arise in the software development space.  

Scott Heffield

SVP of Operations, Veracity Solutions

Scott Heffield is the Senior VP of Operations at Veracity Solutions, responsible for design, fulfillment, and delivery of Veracity customer solutions. His role oversees practice innovation and development, service offerings, and management of their consultant workforce. Before Veracity, Scott served as the Chief Technologist at the birth of He has also filled roles in executive management, business development, software development, and project management at companies such as Tomax, InContact, and Echopass, as well as his own consulting company. A natural problem solver and communicator, Scott enjoys connecting, sharing his expertise, and seeks to empower others with new ideas. He is also SAFe® 4 certified Advanced Scrum Master and SAFe® Agilist.