Software Development Solutions

Software Development Solutions

Veracity provides deep software development solutions and best practices, as well as management and mentoring to transform development organizations into high performance teams. In the process, we elevate your team’s skills while breaking down barriers to create a cohesive, highly functional group. This unique approach of blending our strengths with yours is what Veracity calls Blendsourcing™.


From Boardroom to Beta, we support all aspects of software product innovation and delivery. We can assist you to release more stable and reliable software, infuse fresh innovative thinking, and solve tough software problems.

Lead, Lift, and Do Process


Sometimes all you really need is advice from an outside expert who’s been where you’ve been. For executives who want strategic direction and counsel, Veracity has the seasoned experts to guide you through the toughest technical terrain.

Assess Current Technology

We’ll assess your current technology to help you determine how well it will serve as a platform to fuel your business over time.

Strengthen Product Roadmap

We will help you create a meaningful, profitable roadmap for a single product or an entire portfolio so you can align your technology investments with a good business case and a strong ROI.

Identify Growth Opportunities

We’ll help you define your vision to create greater value for your users and shareholders by identifying growth potential for your technology now and in the future.


We believe in the power of teams. That’s why part of our practice focuses on transforming your development organization into a high performing team. We do this by enhancing your skill levels, creating a performance culture, and mentoring your leaders.

Agile Transformation

To respond quickly to business opportunities and competitive threats, you need adaptive leadership that thinks and acts strategically and can get your teams to respond accordingly. We use Agile tools, principles and processes to mentor leaders, product owners, scrum masters, and to track and report on each aspect of your project. By infusing Agile concepts like continuous improvement, short iterations, and fail fast experiments, we can help your team function at its best and help you stay competitive, even in disruptive environments.

Organizational Development

As you create software, leadership skill sets emerge. We identify leadership capabilities within your organization and expand those abilities to benefit the team. We also nurture critical skills to operate effectively. We can assist your organization to repeatedly produce great software under the realities of tight deadlines and market demands.

M&A Due Diligence

Using proven due diligence methods, we determine the differences between your business goals and the target’s technical and cultural capabilities. In a few days, we provide detailed objective documentation of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the target’s code, architecture, scalability and team. We collaborate with your diligence team to mitigate key risks. After an acquisition, we can support your teams so they quickly become productive and move on to the projects at hand.

Innovation Culture

Using Lean principles and methodologies, we can help you Build-Measure-Learn as you seek to get your new products launched. From creating centers of innovation to speeding up your time to market, we can help you change your culture to begin innovating like startups.

Functional Expertise

If you need to elevate the performance and skill level of your development team, Veracity can blend its experts with yours to raise overall team performance and introduce methodologies and best practices that make a lasting impact.


For organizations who need help hitting a looming deadline or adding specialists to an existing team, we deliver strategic resourcing solutions to help you overcome your capacity issues and shorten time to market.


Our expert software developers can augment your teams with experts in both new and proven development platforms using advanced Microsoft technology, java, and others.

UX Designers

Our world-class designers understand how to create products that look and feel like they belong in today’s world of ever-increasing design expectations. This includes usability, workflow, as well as beautiful design.

Quality Engineers

Trust our team of Quality Engineers to keep your projects on track with the proper quality specs and parameters.


Our seasoned software executives can advise your teams with vision, strategic direction, product strategy, and precise organizational development recommendations. This includes expertise in product management, architecture and agile.

“You are a world class developer, teammate, and problem solver. I know I am better for having worked with you and appreciate you always reaching out and challenging me to make the best product possible.”

Joe S.

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