Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is revolutionizing the way applications are built, giving developers the power to configure, build, and scale infrastructure with just the click of a button. 

The IaC Pipeline

By automating work that used to fall within operations, IT departments are using IaC to streamline development, improve reliability, and enable faster deployment through CI/CD pipelines.

Servers that once took months to build and configure can now be provisioned in a single day which means your business just became a whole lot faster.

IaC for Business

Businesses are not only leveraging IaC for speed. IaC can also be used to save money, precious resources, and to adapt your infrastructure as your business evolves over time. Use IaC to:

  • Infinitely scale up or down 
  • Customize your solutions 
  • Save valuable time, money and resources 
  • Standardize across your organization
  • Enable CI, CD, and other DevOps practices
  • Only use and pay for what you need

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