2018 Mid-Year Kiva Update

We continue to have significant pleasure from our efforts associated with our Kiva micro-funding donations. This effort allows many people throughout the world to receive financial benefits that would not otherwise be available in their areas.

We received a written update from one of the Kiva field partners of a person we chose to support this past year. Here is what was shared:

“Greetings from Tanzania! Thank you for supporting Mariamu, a hard-working women’s dresses clothing seller, and “Tumaini group” Buguruni with the loan. I’m happy to inform that the borrowers are doing going extremely well with a loan she received, Mariam increased new bundle of women clothes famously known as “dellah” in kiswahili and started selling women’s handbags to meet customers demand. She’s happy that has successfully managed to sell more and increase her profit. She used the

additional profit to cover household expenses and to pay the loan. Mariam and “Tumaini group” Buguruni are very grateful for the loan and thankful to everyone who has supported them.”

We thoroughly enjoy these stories of success that come from small acts of kindness and sacrifice across our industry. We are eager to hear additional amazing stories yet to come as we gear up for further contributions to this fun tradition!