Tips for CIOs in Oil & Gas

Approaches to serving Oil & Gas companies who get to build their digital transformation and agile culture around the latest cloud services.

Innovator or Custodian?

There is risk in maintenance mode.

Many technology leaders in Oil & Gas can find themselves a prisoner of unfortunate consequences. Market volatility can drive business decisions that create more and more technical debt, where left unchecked can create a culture of technology custodians instead of innovators. 

It is critical for technology leaders in Oil & Gas to be prepared for periods of funded digital transformation. To be in this position, technology leaders need to practice effective data storytelling.  

Supplement Your Internal Capabilities

A Partnership that Scales Like a Cloud

The capabilities of an organization do not have to be binarily tied to budget. With a clear focus on targeted business outcomes, organizations with the right partners can scale initiatives up or down quickly. 

The right partner can accelerate organizational agility, and assist in changing the culture of your teams. 

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Gartner Predictions for 2020: Assessing Your Gameplan

Join us in reviewing some of our favorite Gartner predictions for 2020 and how they can shine a spotlight on your technology gameplan as we enter a new decade. 

Areas of Emphasis for Oil & Gas

Leaders in the Oil & Gas segment are seeking game-changing technology.

From upskilling their teams to include data analytics or machine learning capabilities to rolling out a wide range of IoT initiatives. 

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Upstream leaders are seeking value from data analytics, especially predictive analytics. 


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Oil and Gas leaders view AI and ML cloud services as game-changing technologies. 


Internet of Things (IoT)

Connected devices in the field are enabling greater foresight and in some cases creating new business models. 

Use Our Digital Transformation Gameboard

Highlight your prioritized capabilities for the next turn in the journey.   



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