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Are you an executive in a new position, ready to make a huge impact? Are you faced with the challenges of an unclear strategy, lack of clarity around priorities, or the need to create a high-performance team? If your business is facing a turnaround situation, realignment, or accelerated growth, Veracity can help you define your path to success. The first step is typically an assessment in one or more of these core areas:

Veracity Offerings
  • Product management– We review business and product fundamentals, including market structure, pricing, business model, value proposition,  and product portfolio. This provides a strong foundation for understanding your current business and desired direction. Click here to learn more.


  • Architecture– When you are experiencing unstable product, user experience is inferior, your core systems integrate poorly, or you’re looking to expand to new technologies, Veracity can help you identify key quality attributes, essential workflows, and critical risks; define MVP and initial architecture, and plan your migration  path. Click here to learn more.


  • Agile– If your teams are performing poorly, or deadlines are at risk, we can help you improve team and organizational effectiveness through assessing the maturity levels of key functions and processes. Then together, we’ll identify a path to greater effectiveness and productivity. Click here to learn more.


  • Development- Veracity has a team of coders and user-experience experts that not only create great software with your team, but also mentor them along the way. By working closely with your team, we help improve your people and processes while developing great software


  • Product launch– If you’re getting ready to launch a new product, but lack clarity on key features, priorities, and risks, Veracity can help you test and validate the product strategy, initial UX design, assess technical risks, and prioritize the product roadmap. Then, we create a solid definition of the MVP, and prioritize the backlog.


Once one or more of these assessments are completed, Veracity can assist with creating alignment and execution plans with your team. Veracity offers several software development services, this may include strategic planning, M&A support, change management, coaching/training, as well as assisting with capacity or expertise gaps.

“You are a world class developer, teammate, and problem solver. I know I am better for having worked with you and appreciate you always reaching out and challenging me to make the best product possible.”

Joe S.

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