Agile & Software Development

Are your teams performing poorly? Are deadlines at risk? Are development managers confused about their role in your Agile organization? How mature are your Agile processes?

Agile & Development

Veracity has the expertise to assess your current Agile situation, implement prioritized improvements, and train, certify, and coach your teams. Unlike traditional consultants, Veracity works the entire spectrum from high level planning through detailed implementation of your Agile strategy. We support your Agile efforts in the following ways:



Analysis & Assessment

  • Agile Insight– If you’ve already implemented Agile with your teams, but are looking to improve, we can provide expert insight into your Agile culture and processes, to identify key strengths and improvement opportunities with your Agile efforts.
  • Agile Assessment– If you’re considering a complete Agile transformation or you want a detailed review of your current Agile proficiency, we offer in-depth analysis and detailed recommendations on transforming your processes and teams while building a roadmap for continuous improvement. You can find a case study example of how Agile helped transform a company here.


Product Launch

  •  Lean Discovery– If you want to test and validate your product strategy, initial UX designs, and address key technical risks, we can help prioritize the product roadmap, develop workflow sketches and wireframes, create compelling visual designs, and identify and plan next steps for your product launch.
  •  Inception– We can help you in the planning phase of launching a new product. Once the product roadmap has been prioritized, we can assist with developing the scope for product release, including a solid definition of the MVP, initial architecture, team design and several plan and budget options to achieve the MVP. All of this reduces risk, and improves focus.


Training & Coaching 

  • Agile Training–  We offer training for local or remote scrum teams, as well as product managers and product owners. This training also includes personalized Agile coaching as part of the offering.
  • Custom Coaching– If you have scrum masters, Agile coaches, leaders in product management or technical roles that can use improvement in their skillsets, we provide a framework to identify key areas for improvement, and defined processes to help them grow in their roles.
  • Big Room Planning – If you are implementing SAFe and need help getting Big Room Planning off the ground, we can assist your leadership team in the preparation and execution of this critical cadence.




Veracity can provide your teams with a number of certifications, including:

  • Certified Scrum Master
  • Certified Product Owner
  • SAFe Agilist (SA)
  • SAFe for Teams (SP)
  • SAFe Scrum Master (SSM)
  • SAFe Advanced Scrum Master (SASM)
  • SAFe Product Manager / Owner


In addition to providing the certification, we assist with Agile coaching for the first 90 days.


Software Development

In addition to Agile expertise, we have a team of coders and user-experience experts that not only develop great software with your team, but also mentor them along the way. By working closely with your team, we help improve your people and processes while developing great software.


As you engage with Veracity for these services, we can integrate with your team and provide you the clarity and direction necessary to create better software development processes, every time.

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