Product Managment

Are you having difficulty reaching your revenue goals with your current software products? Is your product strategy unclear? Are you growing so fast that your product management organization can’t keep up? It could be that your current software offering doesn’t optimally meet customer or market needs, or your pricing strategy isn’t aligned. Your product management organization may need realignment or revitalization.

Product Management

Veracity has the expertise to ensure that you’re targeting the right clients and creating the right product for those clients. Unlike traditional consultants, Veracity have the expertise to both plan and implement your product roadmap. We assist in the following ways:


  • Strategic Planning- We work with your executive team through a periodic (annual or quarterly) planning process to identify new investment opportunities based on market analysis, create strategies for success, develop financial models, and deliver materials for review by the board of directors.


  • Portfolio Assessment-  We help you identify which products and businesses to keep in your portfolio, and which should be sold or shut down.


  • Business Model Assessment- We work with you to document your business model using the Business Model Canvas, create and present recommendations for improvement based on known information.


  • Value Proposition Assessment-. We work with your team to create concepts that describe the customer value proposition of your offering. We can also conduct qualitative and quantitative research to validate and tune the value proposition concepts, as well as present recommendations and detailed findings.


  • Market Assessment- We help you size a market, describe key buyer personas, estimate market growth over time, and forecast revenue based on business model assumptions.


  • Pricing Study- We create and test monetization strategies, as well as conduct primary research, analyze the data collected, and present recommendations and detailed findings.


  • Organizational Assessment- We identify how to build or restructure your product management/strategy organization. Then, we evaluate existing talent and create plans to improve talent through hiring, temporary resources, and training.


  • M&A Support- We work with you to identify potential M&A opportunities, craft an investment thesis, and identify potential synergies.


  • Coaching / Training: We offer a variety of coaching and training services to lift individual and team performance, including innovation management workshops, strategy simulations and one-on-one coaching.


As you engage with Veracity for these services, we can integrate with your team and provide you the clarity and direction necessary to create better software, every time

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