When & Where?

November 7-9, 2018 in Park City, Utah!

Days Remaining

What is Converge?

Converge is a time for Veracity Community Members and Clients to come together with goals of learning, building relationships, collaborating, socializing, and unifying. We work hard and play hard together.  Presentations range from Architecture to being an ideal team player and activities span Agile games to bubble ball soccer.  Great food and accommodations and amazing people to associate with are standard.

Who can come?

Veracity Solutions welcomes all active community members near and far to Converge in one location. This event is designed as an opportunity to invest in our tribe. We also welcome select clients to join us.

Where is the event?

Converge takes place in Utah near the Veracity office area with some activities and dinners scattered across the valley. We like to show off our beautiful city and amazing mountains throughout the week.

What do consultants say about Converge?

Our consultants are always energized after Converge! Here is how they responded when asked about their favorite part.

  • The overall vibe of the event. There was comfort in all of the interaction. There was an openness to disagree and see other viewpoints. There was respect and trust.
  • It’s always a great time to interact with people in the community.
  • I thought the event, in general, was well produced and provided a great opportunity to bond.
  • Interacting with consultants. Interacting with Veracity clients.
  • Meeting and interacting with the entire community. Huge value there.