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If you’re a company that has created proprietary software or systems to advance your business, we understand you. We understand how better software can differentiate you from your competition. We understand that software development probably isn’t your core competency, but your technology gives you an edge in your core business.


We can help. We provide guidance, product management, training and development skills to augment your internal resources. We integrate industry best practices into your team as we work alongside you until the project is completed. Then, when we leave, those practices and processes remain intact with your internal team. You end up with better systems and a better team, and your software is finished faster, resulting in reduced costs and improved efficiencies.


If you have proprietary technology that enhances your company’s offering or makes you more efficient, please contact us for a free assessment. We’d love to discuss how we may be of service.



Here are some examples of projects where Veracity has added value:


  • Translation company– Veracity defined and created a workflow solution that allowed projects to be translated around the world and managed through the workflow system from a central location. This reduced translation time and translation errors, while improving quality.


  • Genealogy research company– When this client chose to go mobile, they reached out to Veracity to create the application. While most of the time, Veracity integrates with companies to lift their teams, this project was done completely by Veracity, allowing the company to stay focused on their core business.


  • Nutrition and healthcare direct sales company– This company overhauled their primary system responsible for ordering, enrollment and commissions. Through an architectural assessment of the current applications, Veracity determined that it was more efficient to create a new system modularized for scalability, than to update the existing systems. Veracity then provided architectural guidance, agile coaching and resources to develop the new solution.


  • Population wellness provider– This company wanted to improve the user experience for their population health dashboard and improve their development team. Additionally, it added expertise to the team to enhance the dashboard user experience.


  • Population health company– Veracity completed an overall assessment of the company’s architecture, people and processes. One of Veracity’s executives acted as interim CTO while the team provided architectural and product management guidance. Then, Veracity helped implement agile capabilities, and integrated development resources in preparation to launch a new product.

“You are a world class developer, teammate, and problem solver. I know I am better for having worked with you and appreciate you always reaching out and challenging me to make the best product possible.”

Joe S.

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