Agile by Doing: Non-Traditional Paths to Agile Transformation

Conventional wisdom says that when a team begins their agile journey the first thing they should do is receive some basic “Agile 101” training. At Veracity we’ve given a number of agile boot camps like this over the years and they have been fairly effective.

We’ve recently started a couple of teams off by just jumping in and doing some agile planning sessions. The training came later, several weeks after they’d done an iteration or two. This may sound like putting the cart before the horse, but the results have been surprisingly effective.

Scott Heffield

VP of Delivery @ Veracity Solutions

In his role as VP of Delivery at Veracity Solutions, Scott leads a team of Veracity Principals and Practice Leads to provide guidance and leadership across Veracity’s consultant teams with the goal of helping our clients truly build “better software every time”.