Driving Technology Transformation Through DevOps Dojos

Driving technology transformation in large enterprises is extremely complex. It requires a holistic strategy to transform your architecture, operating model, technology practices, and most of all, your culture….

In Ross’ work driving DevOps transformations, he applies a deliberate strategy to tackle all four of these pillars. In doing so, he was a pioneer in establishing a Dojo model as a key enabler to accelerate and scale transformation across all of these areas. In this webinar, Ross will share more insights on the benefits gained by having a Dojo model and provide advice on how to plan and build this model within your company.

Ross Clanton

Executive Director - Technology Modernization at Verizon

Ross Clanton is an executive who has built his career reshaping architecture and technology strategies for Fortune 50 companies, putting his passion to work driving leadership and culture changes necessary to empower transformation. He has successfully innovated enterprise-focused community practices and models such as DevOps Dojos and global DevOps events that have proven to accelerate change across multiple companies and industries. As a technology executive at Verizon, Ross currently oversees the company’s technology modernization program, leading a rockstar team that innovates tech architecture, culture, and practices to empower transformation.