The "How" of Digital Transformation


There’s no question that digital transformation can create a significant advantage for your business. In fact, achieving digital transformation could be the difference between survival, and falling by the wayside to more advanced, digital competitors.  

However, despite this glaring truth, executives worldwide still struggle to know how to get it done. After 27 years as VP of Global IT and Services at Proctor & Gamble, Tony Saldanha has seen his fair share of successful (and not so successful) transformations. As outlined in his recent publication, “Why Digital Transformations Fail,” he’s created a model to guide organizations to transformational success.  

Join us as he and Veracity CEO, John Esser, sit down to discuss Why Digital Transformations Fail, and how you can achieve transformational success for your business.  

Tony Saldanha

President, Transformant

Tony Saldanha is seasoned IT leader and consultant guiding digital transformations for major corporations. Over 27 years as VP of Global IT and Services at Proctor & Gamble, he oversaw digital transformation and operations through every region of the world. Now, he sits as President of Transformant, a consulting agency designed to guide CEOs and business leaders through digital transformation. His new book, “Why Digital Transformations Fail” contains a proven 5-step model for achieving a successful transformation, and the inherent advantage you’re looking for.