Balance Your Digital Transformation

From Your First Cloud Project to a Holistic Digital Transformation Initiative

Testing the Cloud

Adopting cloud technology requires more than just creating an account with a Big 3 cloud vendor. You need to identify quick wins and low-risk projects to build momentum for the large scale effort in the future. Our team of experts can meet with you this week to talk through what this could look like. 


Cloud-Enabled Development

High-velocity application development depends upon the cloud for the infrastructure to change and deploy projects quickly. It's not just about the technology. These capabilities can require people, and cultural changes too. We take a holistic approach to every software development project. 

Holistic Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is an intimidating concept. Every company will be a software company - and depending on where you are starting you will have different cultural, technological, and people related barriers to success. Our business value focused process and services can help find the discipline and fill the gaps needed for a successful initiative. 

The largest genealogy company in the world partnered with Veracity Solutions to accelerate their release cadence with the cloud, leading to increased customer engagement and revenue. 

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Spinning out from a parent company, AdvancedMD partnered with Veracity Solutions to overcome transformation challenges as they separated from certain data centers and other shared infrastructure. 

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Lumeris partnered with Veracity Solutions at an executive level to transform product and solution development leading to significantly lower IT attrition rates, and a multi-billion dollar partnership. 

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The Digital Transformation Challenge

What would your team be capable of creating if they didn't need to push pause to figure out how to develop and use a new technology? 

Many product and IT teams fail because they invest too many of their own resources in the transformation itself when the real business value is created post-transformation. 

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  • Design

    Don't push pause on a project, work with our experts to start designing solutions.

  • Build

    Let your team focus on the post-transformation world as we tackle the development project.

  • Run

    Your team might be able to create more value if they don't have to maintain the technology platform.

Strategic Capabilities

Combining modern computing and business outcomes for real growth. 

Digital Transformation

As a capability, digital transformation may include cultural shifts, rapid learning through experimentation, automation, and optimization, and responding to change in the economy, business situation, and technology advancements. 


An operational methodology that can yield faster deployment, more efficient recoveries, room for innovation, flexibility in operation, and an overall reduction of risk as you rapidly deploy smaller improvements over time. In some cases DevOps requires a shift to new methods of architecture. 

IaC Pipeline

The ability to rapidly adapt your infrastructure to the needs of the application is a central tenant of modern computing. IaC (Infrastructure as Code) in a Pipeline model introduces enterprise grade infrastructure that can change as rapidly as code can be copied and pasted. 

High-Velocity Development

The cloud has pushed existing software development methodologies to a point where small inefficiencies in the process can compound over multiple rapid release cycles. The ability to adapt new technology and process-level tweaks to your software development process should be viewed as a strategic capability.

Tool Selection

Understanding how today's tools enable more business value in the cloud is a critical organizational capability. From IaC to Continuous Integration and Deployment, Configuration Management, and Monitoring, our experts can help you understand the common stacks of tools needed for your business objective. 


A different beast of a project, migration best practices can include several layers of planning and require several layers of disciplines. The ability to execute a migration project can carry both organizational and operational consequences. 

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Veracity News and Interviews

Perspectives on business transformation in the cloud with Veracity experts and partners. 

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