Strategic Capability Partnerships

Add a team of experienced technologists to your list of subscriptions.

Cloud Adoption

Accelerate Cloud Adoption

Lean on experienced professionals to help you answer questions about cloud security, migration, distributed workloads, site reliability engineering, multi-cloud intelligence, and DevOps. 

Organizational Agility

Promote Organizational Agility

Team up with experienced professionals and coaches who've gone through the project to product transition, lead organizations through strategic overhauls, and rapidly designed and deployed new products with high success rates. 

Modernize and Build Applications

Modernize & Build Applications

Achieve techquilibrium with industry veterans who can responsibly rethink existing solutions or build new cloud-first applications that your business can depend on through significant growth cycles.

Data-Driven Business

Become a Data-Driven Business

Increase the utility of your current data sources while taking advantage of new data architecture with guided technology decisions that can accelerate the adoption of data lakes and data warehouses. 

Rethink Digital Experiences

Rethink Digital Experiences

You can order a pizza ten different ways and track its progress from "order received" through "in the oven", and "on the delivery truck" in real time, but your customers and employees need to log in to two different portals and send an email to get what they need from your business? Let's fix that.

Bring More Engineering Fuel to the Fire

The Digital Transformation Challenge

Many product and IT teams fail because they invest too many of their own resources in the pre-transformation when the real business value is created post-transformation. Pushing pause to go through the grind of hiring new skill sets, or going through expensive R&D cycles to prove a concept that nobody on the team has experience with can kill business momentum. 

Veracity Solutions and the Phoenix DT framework provide the skilled professionals and the model to accelerate the transformation so your team can focus on how to apply new technology to the business.

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Veracity Solutions Overview
Holistic Perspectives for the Entire Journey

What support do you need for the next step? 

Leverage different disciplines and engagement models to focus your next step in the journey.



Get access to a range of experts in different disciplines who can help you pick up the pace of the journey. 



Plug in a team of experienced engineers and product professionals who can lead a custom software development initiative.

Managed Service

Managed Service

Our process ensures that your solutions are deployed, adopted, and set up to be continuously improved and managed. 

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One of Our Latest Webinars

CIO Gameplan Update: The Shift to Optimization

Watch one of our latest webinars with Veracity CEO, John Esser, where we discuss a changing trend as CIOs shift their focus from transformation to optimization.

Our library of webinars and other event recordings is available for on-demand viewing to help you and your team prepare for the next step in your digital transformation journey. 

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Use Our Digital Transformation Gameboard

Highlight your prioritized capabilities for the next turn in the journey.   



Watch one of our webinars and increase your understanding of Agile, Cloud...

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News and Interviews

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