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Veracity helps leaders and makers of software in the areas of product strategy, design, user experience and other software development solutions. We provide clients with leadership, mentoring and hands-on expertise in .NET, Java, Angular, and Node for cloud, mobile and desktopVeracity helps clients advance their technical architecture and organizational performance to gain best practice adoption in all elements of the software development process. This results in shorter development cycles, reduced time-to-market, and accelerated revenue generation.


As a CTO, VP of Development or VP of Product Management for a healthcare software company, we understand the importance of getting the right product out on time.


As CTO, COO or other executive responsible for software in a technology-enabled company, we realize how your software can give you a competitive advantage.

Other Industries

Veracity has experience in education, energy/oil/gas, finance and other industries. We can help you create better software. Find out how we can help.


As a well-funded software startup, time-to-market and building your internal software expertise are critical. Your clients and investors depend on you. We can help.

Software Development Challenges

Software development teams are often plagued with shipping delays, missed expectations, cost overruns, and failed projects. This wreaks havoc on revenue, takes a toll on trust and morale within the group, and jeopardizes future initiatives. Here are some common challenges that companies face, and where Veracity can assist. 

Challenges Circles

We Can Help

Veracity helps software  companies develop and release better products in less time through a unique management and mentoring approach that transforms development groups into high performance teams. This proprietary approach—called Blendsourcing—has helped Veracity build its reputation for two decades as the go-to firm for software companies. Organizations that stake their business on superior software development solutions to generate profits rely on Veracity to help them shorten time to market, inject innovative ideas, tackle big technical problems, and hit critical deadlines. Veracity also helps organizations fill gaps in their teams for immediate and mid-term needs.


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