Tips for CIOs in Healthcare

Very few CIOs report feeling effective in their push for digital transformation. Read more about a few unique challenges for Healthcare CIOs. 

Driving Revenue with Digital Transformation

Technology leaders in healthcare make progress by connecting technology to business outcomes.

Business outcomes and revenue are driven by the business model, customer and patient experience, and operational excellence. All areas that can be transformed by technology with the appropriate focus and capabilities. 

As healthcare leaders adopt a product over project mindset, more technology investment can lead to data-driven business outcomes and further attention to broader digital transformation. 

Align the Entire Organization

Creating a technology gameplan that the executive team can rally around.

A business outcome focused gameplan that applies new technology to your treasure trove of data can be a rallying cry for the organization. Getting to this gameplan can be a significant cultural challenge, especially where a history of failed pilot projects or disconnected technology investments have created a momentum barrier to digital transformation. 

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Gartner Predictions for 2020: Assessing Your Gameplan

Join us in reviewing some of our favorite Gartner predictions for 2020 and how they can shine a spotlight on your technology gameplan as we enter a new decade. 

Areas of Emphasis for Healthcare

Seeking technology that can enable new forms of revenue and operational excellence.

Most healthcare technology leaders are taking practical, data-driven approaches to digital transformation. Especially as they get past major EHR investments and begin applying new data analytics technology to their systems of record. 

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

With the entire industry swimming in data, technology leaders are eager to apply new technology and gain new insights. 


AI and ML

Claims processing, clinical workflow management, and scheduling optimization are all low hanging fruit for AI and ML. 


Automated Compliance

Compliance as Code and other trends are mitigating compliance risk and accelerating new development projects. 

Use Our Digital Transformation Gameboard

Highlight your prioritized capabilities for the next turn in the journey.   


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