Have You Mapped Out Your 2020 Game Plan?


Gartner has made some big predictions for 2020 surrounding everything from AI, to blockchain, and digital innovation. For those who play their cards right, this year could be a pivotal stage of growth and potentialbut you’ll need the right strategy to get there. 

The Veracity Gameboard is designed to help organizations where they’re at and guide them to where they hope to go. If you’ve got an idea of the direction you’re headed, but aren't quite sure how to get there, join us for an exclusive look at the Veracity Gameboard to learn how you can maximize your IT game plan in the New Year! 

Kevin Lindquist

Sr. Marketing Director, Veracity Solutions

Kevin has dedicated much of his career to better understanding the needs of the technology organization. Over the last decade, this has led to positions as co-founder of a software company aimed at IT professionals, founder of a technology-focused marketing organization, and now a marketing leader for Veracity Solutions. He has a passion for the challenge that technology leaders face with the rapidly shrinking shelf life of both foundational technology and their applications over time.