The Developer Coefficient - Insights for Digital Transformation

In one of our recent practice leadership meetings, we were reminded of a 2018 publication from Stripe and Harris Poll that surveyed 1,000 developers and 1,000 C-Level Executives around the world to assess the business impact of developer productivity. In this webinar we revisit that publication in the context of promoting organizational agility, increased developer productivity, and cultural transformation.

We'd encourage you to download the full report from Stripe here: 

Kevin Lindquist

Sr. Marketing Director, Veracity Solutions

Kevin has dedicated much of his career to better understanding the needs of the technology organization. Over the last decade, this has led to positions as co-founder of a software company aimed at IT professionals, founder of a technology-focused marketing organization, and now a marketing leader for Veracity Solutions. He has a passion for the challenge that technology leaders face with the rapidly shrinking shelf life of both foundational technology and their applications over time.